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Mario Kart USA Wii-QwiiF

Name:Mario Kart USA Wii-QwiiF
Cover: Mario Kart Wii
Console Info: Mario Kart Wii (2012)
Get behind the wheel! Perform speed-boosting flips and wheelies with the flick of a Wii Remote, or grab a Wii Wheel for even more fast-paced fun! Play friends locally on a single Wii, or hop onto Nintendo WFC for the biggest worldwide race yet! Wii Wheel sold separately. Broadband Internet access required for online play.

ESRB: Everyone
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Released: Aug 27, 2012
Category:Console > Wii
View: SFV
Size:4.94 GB (100%)
Files:111 files
Rar Contains:
Filename Password Size Date
qf-mkwi.iso No 4.38 GB Apr 27, 2008
Password: None
Poster:Ghost <[email protected]>
Posted:Jul 31, 2017 (85d ago)
Added:Aug 1, 2017 (84d ago)
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